The Cyber-Security fields we deliver permanent recruitment solutions to currently

Making Notes

Network and Endpoint Security​

  • These companies specialise in protecting enterprise computer networks from vulnerabilities  that arise as a result of remotely bridging users laptops, tablets and other electronic devices(AKA 'Endpoints')

IoT Security

  •  Whether it being companies who enable car manufacturers to protect connected vehicles, or companies who provide security for industrial control systems used across critical infrastructures, including energy, utilities, petrochemical plants etc. We work with some real unicorns in this field.


Threat Intelligence​

  • The companies we work with in this field illuminate targeted malicious activities on the deep web to uncover potential threats & thwart potential attacks before they become attacks.

Mobile Security

  • Companies in this category deliver enterprise mobile threat protection for Android and iOS devices

Behavioural Detection​

  • Our clients in this field detect abnormal behaviour in organisations in order to identify threats and manage risks from cyber attacks

Cloud Security

  • The organisations offer solutions for enterprises looking to secure app delivery across public, private and hybrid clouds


Deception security

  • Our clients in this space can identify and proactively deceive & disrupt attackers before they can cause harm!

Continuous Network Visibility

  • The companies offer solutions for visualising network activities & responding in real-time to cyber-attacks

Risk remediation​

  • Organisations in this space offer solutions for pinpointing vulnerabilities in tech, people and processes with recommendations on how to fill gaps effectively

Quantum Encryption

  • Start-ups in this space offer encrypted wireless & data comms tech that relies on science underlying quantum mechanics.